MDS Refrigerant Air Dryers

MDS Refrigerant Air Dryers

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Mark is the largest air dryer manufacturers in the world with a 49 years legacy of serving various industries. Our dryers have a capacity starting from 0.36 KW. With an easy-to-operate on/off controller, 3-in-1 heat exchanger and durable refrigerant with environment-friendly gases, we guarantee energy efficiency and longer runtime. Mark air dryer have ISO 9001, ISO 14001 quality assurance

1.Refrigerant compressor
Driven by an electric motor, cooled using refrigerant fluid and protected against thermal overload

2.Refrigerant condenser
Air-cooled and with a large exchange surface for efficient thermal exchange

3.Motor-driven fan
For the condenser cooling air flow

4.Air/refrigerant evaporator
With high thermal exchange and low leakage

5.Condensate separator
High-efficiency separator for optimum performance

6.Air-air exchanger
    With high thermal exchange and low load losses

7.On/off switch
    Reliable simple on/off switch to turn on and off the dryer

8.Automatic discharge of condensate
    User adjustable, timer solenoid drain, reliable and timely proven design

9.Control panel
     Indicates all relevant information

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